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Wedding Style

There are many incredibly important decisions to make for a wedding. The ideal dress, the perfect venue, the season, the invitations, who to invite and of course, the perfect bridal hairstyle. It is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Please don’t!!!

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, bridesmaid, or simply a spectator we can help you pull off a flawless event and take one more item off of your expansive list of wedding preparations. We have stylists who are dedicated to the art of the updo, sophisticated styling, and the perfect makeup. With many years of experience with styling for some of Rochester’s premier wedding events, we are sure to make the day even more beautiful.

Planning for the perfect hairstyle on your wedding day

Finding a hairstylist for your wedding is a very personal thing. It’s one of the most important events of your life and one that will be forever captured by photos. Having the best hair and make-up will make the difference in liking the photos and loving them.

Here are a few guidelines for getting the best results:

Collect Pictures

We encourage you to collect images of bridal hairstyles you love on Pinterest or from magazine clippings. One piece of advice that is critical to ensure you obtain the look you are seeking is to find pictures of subjects that match your hair color, hair type, facial features and skin tone. The same style created on different colored hair will look very different. For example, blonde hair shows texture and definition differently than dark hair. Bring this collection of images to your appointment and our experienced stylists will work with you to ensure you get the best bridal results.

Save the date as early as possible
Wedding season is a busy and exciting time.
Stylists book up, especially on weekends, so call the salon to book both the time for your hair trial and event to ensure you get the best stylists working for you on your wedding day.

Come in and try the style
Bring pictures of the styles you found online, a picture of your dress and any headpiece (if any) you plan to wear to the salon for a consultation and a practice updo/style.Seeing the finished look before your wedding day is absolutely crucial for peace of mind. The last thing you should be worried about on the day of your wedding is your hair. If you don’t love the look you see, ask the stylist to try something else. This is your time and we are committed to making certain you love your hair.

Take Pictures
Have the stylist take pictures of the final look. It is nice to have a visual reference for the day of the wedding. This will be helpful to both you and the stylist on the day of the wedding to achieve the same look again.

A note about bridesmaids
Most likely, your wedding party will be receiving services as well. It is important they love their hair. If possible, it may be fun to bring them with you for your trial run, so they can discuss hair options before the date as well.

Save the date

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